Franciacorta, with no compromise

A winery aiming


could be born only in Erbusco, the moral Capital of Franciacorta territory. In order to achieve this goal, Derbusco Cives chose to implement a strict productive methodology for all the wines, which includes:


    (the noblest part of grape juice, obtained by extremely gentle pressing)

    (minimum 30 months instead of 18 months period provided by consortium)

    (no addition of exhogenous sugars in any step of the production process)

First of all the territory

The grapes come exclusively from the 12.5 hectares of vineyard situated on the morainic hills surrounding this ancient municipality, homeland of the best vines for the production of Franciacorta DOCG.

Grapes only, no added exogenous sugar.

The grape harvest takes place only when the grapes are fully ripened. This enables the elimination of added exogenous sugars (cane sugar) in all stages of production.

A careful selection of the grapes is followed by the first, extremely soft pressing. The prime must thus obtained, the noblest part of the grape juice, will be used both for re-fermentation and for the final dosage. The sugars naturally present in the must are therefore sufficient both for the first fermentation and for re-fermentation in the bottle. The product of the second and third pressing will not be used. This method enables the production of a higher quality wine. When increasing the alcohol content we must avoid adding sugar at the moment of tirage, by conserving the sugar present in the grapes themselves. Cold technology prevents the must from fermenting in the tank. To extract the maximum acid content, we work instead on the yield: a light pressing, with a yield well below the 60% allowed by the guidelines, using only the prime must. Blending takes place in the spring following the harvest and bottling with the addition only of yeast for the tirage.
If at disgorgement a different degree of aging is required, according to the categories envisaged (Extra Brut, Brut, Demi Sec), exclusively must is used.

To create a great wine, you must known how to wait.

Finally, after a passage in barriques, comes the truly distinctive point of the cellar: the long maturing on the yeasts goes well beyond the parameters laid down by the consortium guidelines, which envisage a minimum of only 18 months.

Derbusco Cives Wines are left to age on the yeast from minimum of 30 months for Brut Doppio Erre Di up to a maximum of 120 for the Decem Annis Reserve.

The results of this sophisticated and attentive methodology are 7 unique and elegant Franciacorta wines, with a dry note and an extreme drinkability.

Derbusco Cives: because quality does not allow compromises.