The Cellar

Erbusco is for Franciacorta what Epernay is for Champagne. Erbusco is the moral “capital” of Franciacorta, because it is first of all the heart of the region and most of all because on his hills the best vineyards to produce Franciacorta DOCG are situated. This supremacy belongs to 5 friends who decided, in autumn 2004, to create a new wine reality completely focused on Erbusco.

The name Derbusco Cives, “citizens of Erbusco”, comes from a sixteenth-century handwriting of the city, which comes in its turn from the longobard word “der busche” which means wood.

A young cellar who wants to produce high quality without coming to compromises (producing indeed a limited number of bottles) which uses, in every phase of the process, ancestral methods to realize a high quality product, well kept in every details.

The building of the cellar was finished in March 2013.
The architectural style is modern with a pentagonal emerging central body and a single pitched roof built in exposed bleached wood.
The pentagon shape was chosen to represent the five founding partners of the winery. Alongside the pentagon there stand two wings of the building with a green roof garden.
The outer walls are covered in natural cork. In the pentagonal central body, on the raised floor, there is a tasting room with wide windows and a terrace, overlooking the vineyards. On the ground and basement floors are the processing rooms of the winery.

Derbusco Vini - Grande Taille

The Bottle

The packaging of this product is a very special bottle with a spherical shape, specifically studied to aid the natural wine ripening, which makes Derbusco Cives wines unmistakable.